NK Ensemble Lâhza

NK Ensemble is a modern music ensemble combining traditional Turkish and western classical instruments founded in 2000 by composer Onur Türkmen and kemençe player Nermin Kaygusuz. In their latest touring project, the ensemble is focusing on pieces from their debut album “Lâhza” where they are joined by soprano Nihan Devecioğlu in performing the works of five contemporary Turkish composers. NK Ensemble goes beyond the typical East-West melting pot concept and creates a vivid musical landscape of their own.

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Yurodny Ensemble Sailing to Byzantium

Sailing to Byzantium is a major new work by award-winning Turkish composer Onur Türkmen for the Irish new music ensemble Yurodny.

The piece focuses on parallels between the work of two great 20th Century writers: the Irish poet William Butler Yeats (1865 – 1939) and the Turkish poet Ahmet Haşim (1884 – 1933). Born in during the same period of upheaval, both poets lived to witness their nation fight for independence and shared similar philosophical and aesthetic concerns, in particular a peculiarly distant attitude towards modernism that derived from an astute sense of the retelling of history through myth and thus placing the writer in a peripheral position.

The main objective of composer Onur Türkmen is to embed poetry into music to communicate these shared memories of human heritage.