Hello and Welcome!

I founded BT Arts in 2019 with the ambition of providing strategic and creative management to artists who are pushing the boundaries of classical music. Having worked closely with concert promoters and orchestras all over the world on behalf of soloists and conductors, I witnessed an increased demand for artists who have the potential to appeal not only to the traditional classical audience base but to the wider public as well. BT Arts is about the music and about the artists, all of who share a unique and distinctive vision of what it means to create music in today's world. Our aim is to reach the largest possible audience by creating a musical context that is accessible to everyone while never sacrificing sophisticated artistry or a high performance standard.

I look forward to working with you! 




Baris Toker played flute professionally before shifting his focus to arts administration and management in 2008. He worked at the Istanbul Music Festival and Leyla Gencer Voice Competition before joining Künstlersekretariat Astrid Schoerke in 2011 where he eventually became co-Managing Director. He lives in Berlin and aside from his musical passions he enjoys cooking, kite surfing, traveling and history.